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Dreamland Billionaires Series | How To Get Matching Covers?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

You've likely either been involved or seen The Fine Print vs. Terms And Conditions matching covers drama. So I'm here to solve the problem!

The books come in two versions; the difference comes from The Fine Print transitions between independently and traditionally published.

The traditionally published versions are cheaper (more money for books woohoo), the main difference being the page colour/quality. The Piatkus versions have cream, textured pages, whereas the books published by Lauren Asher have white, smooth pages.

Publisher: Lauren Asher (white, smooth pages)

The Fine Print: Amazon (£14.77)

Terms And Conditions: Amazon (£13.29)

Final Offer: Amazon (£14.53)

Publisher: Piatkus (cream, textured pages)

The Fine Print: Amazon (£7.99), Waterstones (£8.99), WHSmith (£7.37), Book Depository (£7.99)

Terms And Conditions: Amazon (£8.57), Waterstones (£8.99), WHSmith (£7.39), Book Depository (£8.57)

Make sure to join Honey for discount codes and TopCashBack for money back from these purchases (this excludes Amazon).

Hope that's helpful!

Lauren x

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