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Most Anticipated June 2022 Releases

With a new month comes a whole new stack of books you need to add to your TBR. From romance, thrillers, to poetry - I've got you covered with my most anticipated June releases.

My Killer Vacation

June 6th

It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation- just me and my beloved brother-but discovering a corpse in our rental house throws a wrench into our tanning schedule. Now a rude, crude bounty hunter has arrived on the back of his motorcycle to catch the killer & refuses to believe I can be helpful, despite countless hours of true crime podcast listening. Not to mention a fulfilling teaching career of wrangling second graders. A brash bounty hunter and an energetic elementary schoolteacher: the murder-solving team no one asked for, but thanks to these pesky attempts on my life, we're stuck together, come hell or high tide.

Available on Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones

Seven Days In June

June 7th

Eva Mercy is a single mother and bestselling erotica writer. Shane Hall is a reclusive, enigmatic, award-winning novelist.

When Shane and Eva meet at a literary event, sparks fly, raising not only their buried traumas, but also the eyebrows of the Black literati. What no one knows is that fifteen years earlier, teenage Eva and Shane spent one crazy, torrid week madly in love. While they may be pretending not to know each other, they can't deny their chemistry - or the fact that they've been secretly writing to each other in their books through the years.

Nora Goes Off Script

June 7th

Nora Hamilton's a romance screenwriter. When her husband leaves her & their two kids, Nora turns the collapse of her marriage into the best script of her life. When it's picked up for the big screen Nora's life will never be the same - especially after Hollywood actor and former 'Sexiest Man Alive' Leo Vance is cast as her ex-husband.

The morning after the crew leaves, Nora finds Leo on her porch with a proposition. He'll pay a thousand dollars a day to stay for an extra week. It's enough time to fall in love. Enough time to break your heart..

Available on Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones

The Counselors

June 8th

Camp Alpine Lake is the only place where Goldie Easton feels safe. Now she's back as a counselor. Goldie has a terrible dark secret she's been keeping. But Goldie's not the only person at camp who has been lying. When a teen turns up dead in the lake, she knows that the death couldn't have been an accident. She also knows that Ava was at the lake that same night. What did Ava see and what does she know? Why hasn't she said anything to Goldie about the death? But asking questions offers no answers, only broken bonds of lifelong friendship, with hidden danger and betrayals deeper than Goldie ever imagined.

The Poet

June 9th

Bright, promising Emma is entangled in a toxic romance with her old professor - and she's losing control. Cruel, charming Tom is idolized by his students and peers.

In their small Oxford home, he manipulates and undermines her every thought and act. Soon, he will push her to the limit and she must decide: to remain quiet and submit, or to take her revenge.

Written in verse and charged with passion and anger, The Poet is a portrait of a deeply dysfunctional relationship, exploring coercive control, class and privilege.

Available on Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones

Fake It Till You Bake It

June 21st

Jada Townsend-Matthews is the most reviled woman in America after turning down a proposal on a reality dating show. When she comes home to lick her wounds, Jada finds herself working at San Diego's newest cupcake bakery alongside the uptight owner and professional football player Donovan Dell. When a reporter mistakenly believes Jada and Donovan are an item, they realize they can use the misunderstanding to their advantage to help the struggling bakery and rehabilitate Jada's image. Faking a relationship should be simple, but sometimes love is the most unexpected ingredient.

The Vacation

June 23rd

How far would you run to escape your past? For eight strangers in a Los Angeles hostel, even the other side of the world isn’t far enough. The craving for a new identity and the chance to start again is something they have in common. But the search for a fresh start isn't as easy as they'd imagined.

Available on Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones

In My Dreams I Hold A Knife

June 23rd

Ten years after graduation, Jessica Miller has planned her triumphant return to Duquette University. Everyone is going to see the girl she wants them to see. Not the girl she was when she left campus, back when Heather Shelby's murder fractured everything, including the tight bond linking the six friends she'd been closest to. But not everyone left Duquette ten years ago, and not everyone can let Heather's murder go unsolved. Someone is determined to trap the real killer, to make the guilty pay. When the six friends are reunited, they will be forced to confront what happened that night―and the years' worth of secrets each of them would do anything to keep hidden.

Available on Amazon and Waterstones

Twisted Lies

June 30th

The fourth book in the Twisted series by Ana Huang - cover and blurb not yet announced.

The Piatkus version available on Amazon if you bought the self-published, special editions I'll be trying to find a matching copy to our version on release day - keep up to date which the search for the tricky matching spine on my Tiktok.


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I hope I've helped you find your next best read while saving you some pennies too - happy shopping! x

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